Italy On Screen Today 2023

2023 Event Calendar

NEW YORK | December 4th/8th
December 4th | Robin Williams Theater - SAG-AFTRA Foundation
7:30 pmIo Capitano, directed by Matteo Garrone - NY Premiere
Followed by Q&A with special guests MATTEO GARRONE, actors SEYDOU SARR and MOUSTAPHA FALL and the screenplay advisor MAMADOU KOUASSI
With journalist Silvia Bizio
December 6th | Casa Italiana Zerilli - Marimò, New York University
6 pmThe External Gaze, directed by Peter Marcias - US Premiere
Presentation by the director
6:30 pmKidnapped, directed by Marco Bellocchio.
December 8th | Casa Italiana Zerilli - Marimò, New York University
5 pmUnfitting, directed by Giovanna Mezzogiorno - US Premiere
5:15 pmMixed by Erry, directed by Sydney Sibilia - US Premiere
7:10 pmDue mondi separati, directed by Marianna Sciveres - US Premiere
Q&A with actress LUCIA SARDO
7:40 pmLa meglio gioventù, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana - 20th Anniversary
Conversation with actors SONIA BERGAMASCO and FABRIZIO GIFUNI
With journalist Silvia Bizio.
In streaming on | December 4th/10th
Feature films
4-10/12Dry (Siccità), directed by Paolo Virzì.
4-10/12Orlando, directed by Daniele Vicari - NY Premiere
4-10/12Brado, directed by Kim Rossi Stuart - US Premiere
4-10/12The Hummingbird (Il colibrì), directed by Francesca Archibugi - US Premiere
4-10/12Il cerchio, directed by Sophie Chiariello - US Premiere
4-10/12Strangeness, directed by Roberto Andò.
4-10/12Prophets, directed by Alessio Cremonini - US Premiere
4-10/12The Lord of the Ants (Il Signore delle formiche), directed by Gianni Amelio.
4-10/12Casanova's return, directed by Gabriele Salvatores - US Premiere
4-10/12Comandante - Making of, directed by Basilio Puglia - US Premiere
Short films
4-10/12Welcome to Paradise, directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo - US Premiere
4-10/12Think carefully, directed by Peter Marcias - US Premiere
4-10/12La terra degli streghi, directed by Stefano Cosimini, Simone Gonnelli, Francesco
Tomei and the students from IV D Liceo Linguistico ISI Barga, Italy - US Premiere
4-10/12La fornace, directed by Daniele Ciprì - US Premiere
Short films by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
4-10/12Cut from the same cow, directed by Giulia Regini - US Premiere
4-10/12Children love to hide, directed by Angela Norelli - US Premiere
4-10/12Fathers Land, directed by Francesco Di Gioia - US Premiere
4-10/12Fever, directed by Emanuela Muzzupappa - US Premiere
4-10/12The Texas Sharpshooter fallacy, directed by Margherita Ferrani - US Premiere
4-10/12Pizza panic, directed by Leonardo Malaguti - US Premiere
4-10/12A conspiracy man, directed by Valerio Ferrara - NY Premiere
4-10/12The dependent variables, directed by Lorenzo Tardella - NY Premiere
4-10/12Reginetta, directed by Federico Russotto - NY Premiere
4-10/12Remain, directed by Federico Fadiga - NY Premiere
TV Series
4-10/12Blanca, directed by Jan Maria Michelini - US Premiere
4-10/12Never Again, directed by Monica Vullo - US Premiere
4-10/12Until the last heartbeat, directed by Cinzia TH Torrini - US Premiere
4-10/12Un'estate fa - Episode 1, directed by Davide Marengo - US Premiere
4-10/12Un'estate fa - Episode 2, directed by Davide Marengo - US Premiere